Use this tab to manage your invoice payments records. Note that payments made using Bambora via Brisk Invoicing will reflect in Bambora's back office but not the other way around.

New Payment button

Click this button to open the New Payment window.


Choose a customer from the pull down list to find the unpaid invoices of the customer.


Select the method of the payment to apply.


Select the payment date.

Reference Number (Optional)

Enter a reference number for this payment. This is an optional field.

Total Payment Amount

Enter the amount of the payment to apply.

Invoice Number

Enter an invoice number to apply the payment to.

Date Due

Select the payment due date.

Invoice Total

The Total amount of the invoice.

Amount Due

The total amount of payment due to the customer.

Amount Applied

The amount of the payment to apply. Amount applied to invoices can be edited by clicking in the 'Amount Applied' cell corresponding to the selected invoice.

Apply Payment Checkbox

Check this box to apply the payment for the selected invoice.

Unapplied Amount Remaining

This is an uneditable field, which gets automatically updated. This displays the amount of payment not applied to the customer's payment.

Create Payment(if available)

Click this button to record the payment. You can print, email, or apply payment to it later, if needed.

Save Payment (if available)

Click this button to record the changes made on this window.

Another Payment

This is useful when you are entering multiple payments. Click this button to record the payment entered on the current window, and to quickly clear the input fields for another payment without having to close and open the window again.


Click this button to ignore the changes made on this window.

Payments List

Top bar and left menu bar

Click here to open help manual for top bar and left menu bar.