Use this tab to manage your customer records. Here you will see a list of all the customers which Brisk Invoice is aware of.

New Customer button

Use this button to open the New Customer window.

Manage Groups button

New group Button: Press this button to add a new customer group.

Action: You can perform the following actions to the customer's entry.

Use this button to open the Customer groups window.


Enter the name of the customer.

Contact Person

Enter the customer contact person.

Billing Address

Enter the customer's billing address. If the customer has a different shipping address you can enter that on the Shipping Address dropdown.


This email address is the one used for sending invoices by email if email is the preferred method.

Shipping: Use billing address

Check the box to use the customer's billing address as their shipping address.

Shipping Address

Enter the customer's shipping address.


Enter the customer's primary phone number.


Select a default salesperson for this customer.


Select or create a group for this customer.

Additional Customer Info: Additional Printed Info

Enter any additional info about this customer that you would like to be printed on the customer's invoice.

Additional Customer Info: Payment Terms

Select the customer's default payment terms.

Additional Customer Info: Method

Select the customer's default payment method.

Private Notes

Enter anything or details you want to store about the customer for reference. This information will not be printed on any reports.

Statement foot note

Enter the statement you want printed at the bottom of customer reports

Save Customer

Click this button to record the changes made on this window.


Click this button to ignore the changes made on this window.

Customers List

Top bar and left menu bar

Click here to open help manual for top bar and left menu bar.